About us

the Team

Gavin -  Director

Gavin is one of the UK's most prolific sound engineers, racking up a massive 290 shows in 2019! Having mixed sound in virtually every major theatre and arena in the country, and with a credits list including Shirley Bassey, Joanna Lumley and several BBC Sitcom arena tours, his experience of putting on a great show night after night "with a smile" is one of the founding principles of Ratio:Studios.

A self proclaimed "massive nerd", Gavins passion and determination to bring the ideas we're presented with to life has spawned some of the most marvellous and bizarre creations in UK events, including LED pixel mappable climbing walls, recreating an 80's lighting rig in precise detail, and even building a gas powered underwear cannon!

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Emily -  Director

A trained classical musician, turned lighting design & show logistics extraordinaire, Emily bridges the gap between the creative vision and the technical magic that makes it all happen. Her skill for understanding someones vision and bringing it to life ensures even the least technically minded have full creative involvement in their project with no limitations. 

Emily also directs our Music Production division, her formidable skills as a multi-instrumentalist and composer/arranger combined with her talents in the studio enable us to produce unbelievable sounds for much more believable budgets.

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Freelancers - Everything Else

We love our freelancers! - A close knit team of wonderful and talented people who make Ratio:Studios tick. Among them you'll find musicians, photographers, lighting and sound technicians, projectionists, riggers and absolutely no-one who was willing to have their photograph taken to put on the website.

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Oscar - public relations

By far the most popular member of the team, filling the roles of Chief Mouser, Instagram cheerleader and general wreaker of havoc, Oscar spends his days relaxing in the studio with us, falling asleep in rolls of cable,"helpfully" swatting loose screws off the workbench and meeting and greeting visiting clients!