Our Equipment

Our equipment stock represents our commitment to quality and reliability that we apply to everything we do. Chosen by our designers and engineers, rather than accountants, we stock our warehouse with equipment that we, and our clients love to use. 

You'll find the usual staples from major manufacturers, alongside unique offerings from smaller manufacturers we've discovered in our work.

Our equipment supports us on productions from the smallest site specific theatre right up the the UK's largest arenas, there's something to suit everyone.

Live Sound Reinforcement

Our stock of Sound Reinforcement systems is as diverse as the shows we deploy them to. In our PA stock you'll find:

PA Systems

Shermann Audio GX Commando systems - Available in various configurations suitable for 500-2500 people.

Yamaha DXR - We stock a range of Yamaha's DXR Series with associated subs, suitable for most theatrical work, and concerts up to around 500 people.

EV ELX - We have a smaller but still significant stock of EV ELX systems, with associated subs. Usually deployed on smaller live music projects, suitable for audiences of up to 400 people. 

JBL - We stock a range of small JBL cabinets, suitable for use as effects speakers or delays. All are available with various flying and mounting options.

Mixing Consoles

Yamaha QL1 - Usually deployed on theatre work, we're a big fan of this consoles ease of use, and extremely tasty Neve premium plugins.

Behringer X32 - Our workhorse mixing console, covering everything we throw at it at a reasonable price point. Stocked in Full size and compact, with S16 stage boxes. 

Behringer XR18 - A fantastic drop it on stage, grab an iPad and go mixer. Using the same software and processing as the X32, it packs a massive punch in a tiny form factor. Also available is the Xtouch control surface, for more intricate mixes. 

Analog - We've a wide range of analog consoles from manufacturers including Allen and Heath, Soundcraft and Yamaha ranging from 4 to 48 channels. Ask for details.



We stock a wide range of wired and wireless microphones for all applications.

Wireless Systems

8 Way Sennheiser Radio Mic Rack, Supplied with headsets

12 Way Trantec Radio Mic Rack, Supplied with headsets

Shure SM58 Wireless handhelds

AKG Perception individual wireless lapel/headset systems

Wired Microphones

We carry an extremely large stock of standard microphones, from manufacturers including Shure, Sennheiser, Neumann, AKG among many others. Please enquire as to exact stock.